December 4, 2014

Should I get a Flu Shot?

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Well, here we are again…flu season.  The time of the year which is masked by holidays and family gatherings.  Behind every bite of turkey, with every opening of presents, and with every NYE kiss, we are in a constant battle with the dreaded flu.

And we all ask ourselves, “Should I get a Flu Shot?”

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The C.D.C. has reported that this years most common form of the flu virus is influenza A (H3N2).  The H3N2 strain is said to have higher mortality rates and be increasingly resistant to the flu shot.

Even with a higher resistance to the flu shot, the CDC is still recommending that, “All persons aged 6 months and older are recommended for annual vaccination, with rare exception.”

The CDC is also emphasizing the importance of two specific antivirals, at the earliest detection that you may have the flu, oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) and zanamivir (Relenza®).

Being that these two specific medications are brand name drugs, they can be quite expensive.  Hopefully none of us get the flu, but unfortunately it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

If you lack coverage for these prescriptions this year, be sure to use your Doc Discounts card to save money.  Until then, lets start a proactive campaign to wash our hands often, eat healthy, sleep well, and possibly even wear the mask!  #FightTheFlu



“Adorable School Boy Thinking” by photostock @

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December 1, 2014

Dogs DO listen to humans – Now they want to save!

Your Dog IS Listening - By Victor Habbick

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Every time my dog and I leave the vet, we have a conversation about how she needs to get a full-time doggy job to pay the bills.  Well, she hasn’t yet responded after I continually echo the pains of every expense, but DOGS DO LISTEN TO HUMANS!

Amy Norton had a great piece on, today, based on a study by Victoria Ratcliffe & colleague David Reby (University of Sussex).  It turns out, “Your dog really IS listening to you.”  Follow the link to read the article and for the full study, check out the Nov. 26 issue of Current Biology.  

So now that I know my dog IS listening, why doesn’t she have a job yet!?  I can dream can’t I?

While she won’t be bringing in paychecks anytime soon, she may want me to start saving money at any chance I get.  At the very least she won’t have to hear that same conversation about getting a “full-time doggy job.”

Spare your dog’s ears and start saving money on their pet prescriptions with the Doc Discounts card!  Did you know that half of all your pet’s prescriptions can be filled at a major pharmacy like Walgreens, CVS & Target?

Save an average of 55% of YOUR dog’s (and cats!) prescriptions TODAY!




November 24, 2014

The Fear of Needles – Trypanophobia

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The fear of needles, Trypanophobia, is real!  There are many estimates that show between 10-20% of people have a fear of needles/injections.  Going out on a limb here, we can guess that the other 80% isn’t counting down the days until the next shot!  If you have children who fear getting shots, has “8 Ways to Make Shots Easier for Kids”.  While shots and vaccines are still painful, the traditional blood test is now changing.  With the advances that Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos have made for the blood test, there is hope that in the future trypanophobia will have little place in modern medicine.

Elizabeth Holmes, has become the youngest female billionaire for great reason.  Her self-made company, Theranos, is revolutionizing the traditional blood test.  With what they say is a painless finger prick, patients will now be able to have test results in only a few hours.  Hear more from Elizabeth Holmes as she took the stage at this years TEDMED.

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November 11, 2014

Two Techniques to Swallow Pills

Not to be confused with dance moves, the ‘Pop Bottle’ and ‘Lean Forward’ are two effective techniques for getting pills down. NPR had a great article today, which was based on the recent German study from Dr. Walter E. Haefeli at the University of Heidelberg.

Check out the NPR article HERE & for those who want to dive into the German study….good luck and here it is :)

November 5, 2014

I’m uninsured – Can I Use a Doc Discounts Prescription Savings Card?


There are many questions that always gets asked.. I’m uninsured, can I use a prescription savings card? I have insurance, can I use a prescription savings card? …etc. so, who can use a Doc Discounts Prescription Savings Card?  Without further adieu, here is a mock Q & A to help you out!  If you have any further questions, be sure to send a note via the contact form below :)

Q: 10-85% off of prescriptions sounds great, but who can use the card?

A: Anyone can use the card, but it can not be combined with insurance. You don’t even have to be a US citizen to use the card.  Travelers on holiday, exchange students, visitors or workers with visas, etc. can all enjoy the benefits of having a Doc Discounts card.  For patients who are uninsured this card can be used on every one of your prescriptions.

Q: I’m uninsured can I use a prescription savings card?

A: YES!  The Doc Discounts Prescription Savings Card is the best way for you to save on all prescriptions.  With an average savings around 55%, there is no easier way to save money at the pharmacy.  Show your Doc Discounts card with every prescription and please spread the word when you see the savings.

Q: I have insurance, so when can a Doc Discounts card help me?

A:  Here are 7 situations where a Doc Discounts card can help if you are insured.
1. You have no prescription coverage on your plan.
2. A prescription is not covered by your plan. (ex: Elective medications & many brand name drugs)
3. You have a high deductible plan and you have not met your deductible yet.
4. The price of the prescription with a Doc Discounts card is cheaper than your copay. (It’s always free to have the pharmacy compare the price of your insurance vs. the Doc Discounts price.  Make sure you are getting the best price possible.)
5. You have exceeded your limit of insurance coverage.
6. You are in the Medicare Part D “Donut Hole”
7. You have a cat or a dog and would like to save money on their prescriptions!

Q: Wait..I can save money on my pets’ prescriptions with the Doc Discounts card?

A: YES! Approximately half of the drugs that your vet prescribes are actually human drugs! Just ask your vet and they will write you a script, which you then take to any major pharmacy. Show your Doc Discounts card with that script and you will be shocked at how much you save!


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